Telephone Systems

Telephone Systems - Total Control

Onsite solutions are installed into your office or a data centre and are owned by you. Once installed they can then be fully integrated with your house systems providing a consistent connection and user interface. You have fully control over the system including who can access it and from where.

Large Businesses can benefit from a server based solutions which can be ‘virtualised’ in data centres or on premise in your own server room. These systems can facilitate 20 – 3000 users on either a single site or across multiple sites.

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Avaya IP Office Solution

Through our long-standing partnership with Avaya, our IP Office Solution provides everything you need for high quality main telephone communications.

The solutions offers rich unified business communications, meetings and collaboration, as well as advanced reporting capabilities plus, excellent value with modern business phones and devices.

You have access to the right range of choices to keep your business humming smoothly as you grow.

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Rallye Great Reasons

Clients tell us they work with Rallye for the following reasons


Our Extensive experience of 20 Years in telecoms and providing IP Telephony (VoIP) solutions since 2005


We always communicate clearly and concisely with minimal technical jargon meaning no confusion for our clients


Our systems are configured and pre-tested prior to on site installation – maximising convenience and minimising disruption


Our systems solve problems and drive business performance and are not just direct replacements to existing infrastructure