Internet Solutions

Fibre Ethernet Lines

Lease Lines provide a dedicated Fibre connection from your offices to the UK network via our suppliers. They offer upload and download speeds up to 10GB.

Once installed they are underpinned by a business class SLA and provide the best way to ensure businesses are constantly online.

Rallye Communications Broadband provides business class internet access with fixed IP as standard.

Internet Services
Make sure you have the perfect solution for your business needs – call us on 01252 863720 to discuss your requirements.

Rallye Great Reasons

Clients tell us they work with Rallye for the following reasons


Our Extensive experience of 20 Years in telecoms and providing IP Telephony (VoIP) solutions since 2005


We always communicate clearly and concisely with minimal technical jargon meaning no confusion for our clients


Our systems are configured and pre-tested prior to on site installation – maximising convenience and minimising disruption


Our systems solve problems and drive business performance and are not just direct replacements to existing infrastructure