Hosted Telephone Solutions

Hosted Telephone

Hosted telephone solutions provide businesses with large corporate telephone system functionality which can be can accessed from anywhere on any device.

You don’t need to worry about how you will secure the line or ensuring it has resilience as these are built in to the solution.

Rallye Communications’ hosted telephone solution includes an extensive range of advanced call handling and management features, all operated through an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

Hosted Telephone

Hosted Telephone Features

  • Auto Attendant – Handle calls professionally and efficiently.
  • Call Queueing – Never lose a customer when you’ve got them on hold.
  • Click to Dial – Initiate calls straight from your computer.
  • Call Parking – Park calls to a specific location.
  • Hot Desking – Switch desks in shared office environment.
  • Conference Calling – Unlimited private conference room
  • CRM Integration – with your existing CRM solution.
  • Soft/Mobile Client – Make telephone calls from your mobile devices.
  • Call Centre – Level up your customer service and agent productivity
  • Instant Messaging – Send messages to your contacts with our app
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Rallye Great Reasons

Clients tell us they work with Rallye for the following reasons


Our Extensive experience of 20 Years in telecoms and providing IP Telephony (VoIP) solutions since 2005


We always communicate clearly and concisely with minimal technical jargon meaning no confusion for our clients


Our systems are configured and pre-tested prior to on site installation – maximising convenience and minimising disruption


Our systems solve problems and drive business performance and are not just direct replacements to existing infrastructure