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Welcome to Rallye Communications Ltd

and welcome to Rallye. The key to competitive advantage in the modern business world is collaboration. RCL specialises in the design of Voice, Data and Video systems, implementing solutions to give your company the edge it needs to succeed. We have a wide range of technologies available from Analogue / ISDN telephone lines to fibre Ethernet bearers and SIP Trunks ensuring that our voice and data solutions deliver the services you require reliably.

With Fibre Broadband connectivity advances and VoIP technology it has never been easier to connect remote workers to your Office systems, allowing your company to increase its geographical presence or overcome the vagaries of the British weather at affordable cost.

Support for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is becoming increasingly important and our integrated solutions for your on-the-go workforces let business applications and mobile devices (employee-owned or business-owned) work together while protecting network security.

The modern home and home office can also benefit from advances in communication systems. We are already seeing the benefits of high speed internet access, yet most homes still rely on analogue exchange lines with extension wiring for their voice communications. We can install systems to provide extensions in each room and individual telephone numbers for each member of the family plus fax numbers and business numbers.

Browse through the applications and products on the site and then call us to discuss the system and applications which best suit your business or home requirements.


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